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Elisabeth Hayes: Becoming a new kind of girl through gaming: How can modding The Sims enable girls to develop tech-savvy identities?
Featured This Week
Dec 6th: Rich Halverson: Games and Leadership: Can building pyramids and killing Lokthar the Ice Lord make you a better leader? 

Dec 4th: Panel Discussion & Second Life Simulcast on Digital Media and Learning: Three experts will talk about how technology is changing kids and learning in a panel discussion in Cambridge on December 12th. The event celebrates the publication of the MacArthur Series on Digital Media & Learning.

Recent Voices
Dec 3rd: David Shaffer: More Than Who You Are: What does it mean to “become a new kind of person” through playing a game?

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Nov 29th: Erica Rosenfeld Halverson: Identity Production in Youth Filmmaking: Youth are using digital media to work through complex issues of who they are and how they do (& don’t) fit into their communities.

Category: Ecology-of-Games    Identity    Comments: Kathleen Hoppe, Renee Hobbs,
Nov 27th: Jim Gee: The Repertoire of Human Identities and the Digital World: Jim Gee introduces a new series of posts from the Games, Learning and Society Group at the University of Wisconsin about the intersection between digital learning and identity. 

Category: Ecology-of-Games    Identity   
Nov 27th: Yasmin Kafai, Participatory Competencies in Virtual Worlds: From Collaborative to Collective Agency: An associate professor at UCLA and panelist at the recent public forum continues our discussion on learning in virtual worlds. She asks what new skills might be needed to learn how to successfully engage with the…

Category: Civic-Engagement   
Nov 20th: Event Follow up: What are Kids Learning in Virtual Worlds?: A large crowd joined us in Los Angeles last week for an engaging discussion about what kids are learning in virtual worlds. This was our third Public Forum in Digital Media and Learning.

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